Have you heard of or come across any bicycle-concept tea stalls at airports?

If there’s no to date - here we introduce Raveen’s Mr. Chai, the First Bicycle Tea Concept in an Airport Departure Hall, Senai Johor Bahru. The gentleman who is also the backbone of the famous Tea Stall has made an impressive achievement by obtaining the Malaysian Book of Records for the First Bicycle Tea Stall Concept in an airport. Indeed perfect yet ah-mazing news that needs a pat on his shoulders.

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If you're travelling to Senai Airport or arriving at the Airport, his bicycle tea concept, namely Mr. Chai can be spotted at the Arrival & Departure Hall. From serving hot Masala Chai & Teh Tarik paired with Milk Biscuits - danngg that sounds delectable.

Astro Ulagam had fun chit-chatting with the respective founder to gain more insights about his creative idea of initiating the ‘Bicycle Tea Stall’ in the airport:

Raveen began his Chutneys & Chai restaurant at Senai Airport in 2021 and to his surprise - the tea & Pani Puri are the favourite of his customers. Looking at the popularity, the Airport management has requested to sell Tea on the upstairs floor and that’s the moment when Raveen insisted on having this ‘Bicycle Tea Stall’ concept at the departure hall.

‘ I prefer to bring Tea’s to my customers,’ says Raveen.

Raveen who has ZERO experience and knowledge in the business field has put his heart and soul into his passion which made him to be the limelight among the netizens around Malaysia.

Asking about any idea of expanding his Bicycle Tea Concept to Singapore and also KLIA, Raveen has stated that it’s already on the cards, and he is already coming up with his own ‘Masala Powder’ brand anytime soon. Hailing from logistic background, the writer must say that this MAN is setting a great example for the upcoming / young entrepeuneurs.

Best wishes for your future endevours and also we can't wait to tatse your utmost popular Masala Chai in future.