A heart-warming gesture of sibling support gained widespread attention on social media recently when a brother meticulously crafted an agreement to guide his younger sibling through his first day of secondary school.

Shared on TikTok by user @insuranceagentadwin, the "First Day of School Agreement" outlined essential guidelines listed to the younger brother's academic and personal.

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The terms covered a range of expectations, including academic responsibilities such as achieving success in exams and maintaining regular attendance, while also stressing the importance of avoiding harmful habits like smoking, vaping, and alcohol consumption.

Furthermore, the agreement underscored the significance of demonstrating respectful behaviour towards teachers and refraining from the use of profanity. Each rule was accompanied by a clear explanation of its rationale, with the brother highlighting the potential consequences of deviating from the agreement, which included the loss of family support and personal freedom. Additionally, the agreement addressed matters of personal safety, such as adhering to curfew times, wearing a helmet while riding a motorbike, and exercising caution in forming friendships.

It also addressed respectful behaviour towards teachers and the importance of personal safety measures, including curfew times and helmet use while riding a motorbike.

Netizens praised the brother's proactive approach and admired his commitment to his sibling's well-being, acknowledging the challenges but ultimately lauding the initiative as a model for familial support and guidance.

Source / Image Credit : NST , insuranceagentadwin