Looking for a unique road trip experience? Instead of hopping into a car, consider taking a sleeper train that offers a scenic route all the way to Kelantan!

A Twitter user Izza Rosli went viral after sharing her journey from Kuala Lumpur to Kelantan on the KTM Intercity train. She booked the Intercity Train - Ekspres 26 and provided some valuable tips for those looking to embark on a similar adventure.

How to Book Your Tickets

First, download the KTMB Mobile app and create an account to book your tickets. Depending on your starting point, the ticket price may be RM60 or under. Izza explains that there are two starting points for this route:

1. Gemas to Tumpat (approximately 11 hours)

2. JB Sentral to Tumpat (approximately 16 hours)

Tumpat is the last destination on the route, and travel times may vary. If you're traveling from Kuala Lumpur, you will need to first buy an ETS ticket from KL Sentral to Gemas since the sleeper train does not depart directly from KL.

Onboard Experience

The sixth through eighth coaches have bunk beds, and there's a café that's open 24/7 on the fifth coach, ensuring you'll never go hungry. Izza advises booking your tickets early as they sell out quickly every month. She recommends opting for a lower bunk (listed as green on the app), which offers more space and a window to enjoy the scenery.

Scenic Highlights:

During the journey, the train passes through picturesque villages and forest areas. According to another passenger, @dayanamukayadi, you might catch glimpses of Mount Stong and Jelawang Waterfall near Dabong in Kelantan. Other scenic views include limestone hills, rivers, tunnels, and bridges, including the historic Guillemard Bridge, one of Malaysia's oldest rail bridges.

Tips for an Enjoyable Trip

Well, this is much needed! Izza emphasizes that while this isn't a luxury train, the opportunity to see Malaysia's landscape from a different perspective makes it a fun and worthwhile experience. She suggests considering a flight back for convenience after enjoying the train journey to Kelantan.

So, are you ready for a thrilling adventure?

If you’re up for an adventure and want to explore Malaysia’s beauty in a unique way, this sleeper train journey to Kelantan is a must-try experience. Enjoy the ride, take in the stunning views, and create unforgettable memories along the way!

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Source / Image Credit : Maafsebut, @izzarosli_ (Twitter)