In the latest episode of Top Cooku Dupe Cooku, the renowned comedian and actor Vadivelu served as the chief guest. Known for his side-splitting humor, Vadivelu recently captivated audiences with his role in Maamannan, where he portrayed a poignant politician navigating caste oppression and power dynamics.

And this round, contestants competed in a challenging task to build the tallest burger towers using patties, vegetables, and cheese slices. As the contestants raced against the clock, chef and judge Venkatesh Bhat demonstrated his expert chopping skills. Meanwhile, comedians attempted to distract the tense audience, adding an extra layer of humor to the competition.

Vadivelu's presence added to the comedic atmosphere, as he delivered epic counters and adapted his famous dialogues to divert the contestants' attention. With upcoming episodes promising even tougher challenges and more obstacles, viewers can expect an abundance of comedy and excitement in the contestants' kitchens.

Source / Image Credit : SUN tv