As we are witnessing Chandra Grahan today which starts at 11:14 PM and ends at 3:31 AM on 6th May 2023, let's delve into the rituals that need to be followed as per Hindu culture. Ancestors had a certain set of rules to adhere during the Grahan, which saw as mere superstitions!

But many fail to realise the science behind these golden olden-day practices.

Here are some beliefs regarding the consumption of water and food during the eclipse:And here's the reason why these are being practiced during an eclipse:

During an eclipse, the wavelength and intensity of light radiations which are known for their natural disinfecting property reduce, causing uncontrolled growth of micro-organisms in food products.

This makes the food product not suitable for consumption. Hence, Tumeric and Darba will play an essential role in their antibacterial properties.

Failing to follow this might cause indigestion and serious health issues, and that's the reason why our elders came up with such rules to keep us safe and healthy.

Image credit: and Isha Sadhguru, Naidunia
Sourced from: NDTV