Drama series Solli Tholeh, which has entertained Astro Vinmeen HD (CH 231) viewers every weekend nights for the last two months, will soon end its run.

Directed by Ravindas, the dark comedy series stars popular local talents and deutants, including Yuvaraj Krishnasamy, JK Wicky, Hamsni Perumal Vidia Liana, Alvin, Navin Ho, and Logan, among others.

It revolves around Yuva, a teenager who enters the ‘spirit dimension’ after his untimely death. There, he gets a shock to find out that spirits have a similar world as the humans do on Earth. The comical trials and tribulations of Yuva and his other goofy ghost pals form the crux of the plot that centers around a graveyard.

Recently, Astro caught up with Ravindas, and the other cast members to talk about their experiences, and unforgettable moments working in Solli Tholeh.

Ravindas, Director
Solli Tholeh depicts what I imagine life after death is. I wanted to tell a fun and joyful story while incorporating other elements, including environment awareness, and more. For example, the need for shelter in the afterworld similar to us humans and animals in this world. I was inspired by movies I have watched and the people around me who care for the environment. Also, my idol, director cum motivational speaker JK Wicky, motivated me to take up this topic as the main theme of this series.
I hope fans who watch this series will teach their younger ones to care more for the environment, while enjoying the comedy contained in it. I also hope this series will garner more fans and good feedback so it can motivate me to work on a sequel, which may be even better.
I heard a lot about Astro even before stepping into the local film industry. And since I began as a young director at just 25-years-old, Astro has been my biggest support. Astro gave me the opportunity to direct my first telemovie Vevveru Roobam. Astro provides opportunities for many young and upcoming local talents, which aligns with their goal of providing more high-quality local content to the audience. I'm thankful for the support Astro has provided in my career.

Now, the cast of the series give their take on working on the series.
Yuvaraj: My character in Solli Tholeh is known as ‘Yuvaraj’ aka Yuva. Yuva is the lead character which has two different sides. This was a challenge to me. I'm glad Ravindas roped me in to do this project.

Hamsni: My character in this series is ‘Yasmin’. She is a Tik Tok celebrity who passed away while doing the Kiki challenge. She is a friendly, joyful and adventurous ghost. She works in a ghost laundromat and has a big crush on Wicky.

Vidia: I play ‘Krithiga’ in Solli Tholeh. Krithiga is a jovial and hardworking ghost whose hardwork finally pays off when she owns the Mohini Saloon.
Yuvaraj: I would say the best moments for me were the times I spent with my co-artists on the ‘Pei Ulagam’ (ghost world) set. Besides that, we also had enormous fun donning the ghost costumes, and the make-up in the cemetary, daily.

Hamsni: To me, meeting a lot of Malaysian artistes and mingling with them was the most memorable. Besides that, the location itself gave me a different feel as we got to work, sleep, play and walk around the cemetery.

Vidia: Working with the entire team gave me great pleasure and excitement. For me, shooting at the graveyard was an amazing moment. During this shoot, I started to see and feel differently about graveyards, and now, I find graveyards to be a cool and safe place. Moreover, we had a lot of fun during the shoot by singing songs, as a way to appreciate the hardworking crew and team.
Yuvaraj: As Solli Tholeh is a series in its own kind, I have great expectations for it. I hope it will pave way for many new directors to come up with more creative and out-of-norm storytelling ideas. Kudos to the director, Ravindas for coming up with a creative story and proving that it is doable.

Hamsni: I hope the audience would love and enjoy the series. Thank you Astro for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

Vidia: Our director has tried his best to convey environmental awareness to viewers via the scenes and dialogues. I hope the message will reach the viewers and result in more awareness.

Solli Tholeh is shown every Saturday and Sunday at 8pm on Astro Vinmeen HD (CH 231) and is available for streaming on Astro GO and on demand.