This Thaipusam , Ahmuvan, the story of a father's discovery of an ancient Indus culture dating millenniums ago and linked to Lord Muruga himself, in the process of helping his blind seven-year-old daughter, will premier on Astro.

The devotional telemovie, directed by Sandosh Kesavan and starring Mohan Raj, Pashini Sivakumar and Thashra, among others, will premier on Astro Vinmeen HD (CH 231) at 5.30pm on January 28, and at 10pm on Astro Vaanavil HD (CH 201). It is also available for stream anytime On Demand.

Here's a brief chat with the cast and crew of Ahmuvan:

Sandosh Kesavan, director:

It was a truly remarkable spiritual experience putting this together, especially when researching about Ahmuvan which dates back centuries ago. And to gather all the enlightenment into filming is the icing on the cake.

Ahmuvan is a modern-day story which deals with our belief on Lord Murugan. It centres around an unhappy couple dealing with spiritual disagreements to save their blind child who's been acting strangely at home, with Ahmuvan being the penultimate answer. I believe it will truly be an eye-opening experience.

With this production, I was inspired and humbled to share some lesser known insights of a deity from the Indus civilization whom we call Lord Muruga today, albeit we have known and worshipped him all along.

Mohan Raj & Pashini Sivakumar, Cast:

Mohan: I play ‘Ragu’, someone who does not believe in God and looks at everything from a scientific point of view. He looks for a medical-related solution for his daughter's vision impairment. Pretending to be someone who does not believe in God was difficult because I am someone who believes in God and understand that there is a power beyond our control. I also experienced something new in this shoot: in one scene, both Pashini and I had to have a long argument scene without any cuts in between so we had to make sure our placement was right so we didn't block each other.

Pashini: My role is known as Janaki, a pious housewife cum mother. Initially, I was worried about doing justice to this role as I will need to portray a mother’s unconditional love. Fortunately, with script readings with the director, Sandosh Kesavan and lots of learning before we filmed, I managed to understand his vision.

On top of that, I had great co-actors with me, such as Mohan Raj and baby Thashra who eased the process. The most interesting moment acting in Ahmuvan was sharing the screen with baby Thashra. We had very good chemistry and a great bond that I almost forgot that we were in a shoot. So many memories to cherish from this.