Ramarajan is Malaysia's first Tamil pet series that has been entertaining viewers on Vinmeen HD (CH 231), as well as on Astro GO and on demand, since early November.

The romantic comedy will air its final episode tonight, and Astro caught up with its director Kabilan Plondran, and actors Tokoh Sathiya and Thivyah Naidu to talk about their respective experiences working on the project.

Director: Kabilan Plondran

Please tell us about this series and your inspiration behind it?

Based on previous Astro Vinmeen series, I found that Astro looks for extraordinary scripts which resonate with Malaysians. As a pet lover myself, I came up with the idea of having our furry friends take the lead. We had to find a suitable pet as well as a voice for it. That is when we met the owner and trainer of Foxxy, the dog. After discussions and brainstorming, we decided Foxxy was the right fit for the ‘Ramarajan’ character. For the voice, we looked for a funny and familiar voice, which Tokoh Sathiya suited.

Is this your first time directing a pet series and how has your experience been? What was the process like getting this in place?

The hardest part of the process was controlling ourselves from hugging and pampering Foxxy (Ramarajan). We took a few days to adapt to its style and how to trick it into doing what we wanted. The rest of the shoot was fun. It was not easy to handle a pet but at the end, it gave us more than what we needed.

Cast: Tokoh Sathiya & Thivyah Naidu

Please tell us about the role you play in Ramarajan?

Sathiya: I played ‘Ramarajan’, which was also same character name played by the dog, Foxxy. My character was a schoolteacher who lost his wife and who was trying to reunite his family to fulfil his wife’s last wish. During the process, my character was attacked and ended up in a coma while his soul was trapped in the body of his daughter's pet, played by Foxxy. The challenge and adventure in the story begins there. My character attempts to reunite his family and looks for the person behind the attack with his soul trapped in the pet. Stream Ramarajan anytime on Astro GO and On Demand to know more.

Thivyah: For pet lovers, the bond between humans and dogs are unique. I am sure that my role as ‘Purva’ will impress the audience because many will be able to relate to her.

What has your experience been like working with a pet on camera, and what are your hopes for the series?

Sathiya: I have a limited role in this series and appear only in selected episodes. During other episodes, I was the voice of Ramarajan (Foxxy) who played the lead role. It was very fun being on set but I also enjoyed voicing the pet’s character. We had a chance to improvise our dialogues based on reactions received and were surprised with the outstanding result on screen. I am very thankful that I was chosen to be a part of this series.

Thivyah: This was a different genre and when the director told me about the script, I wondered how it would be possible to feature a dog as the lead role, as I had not seen any others like this before. It was a tough journey working with an animal but with good teamwork, nothing was impossible. Everyone can enjoy this series by streaming anytime on Astro GO and On Demand. Thank you to Astro and Jhangri Production House Sdn Bhd for this amazing opportunity.

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