Recently, a teacher just caught these sneaky school students red-handed, trying to learn how to say 'I love you' in Tamil from their classmate.

In the video, Salena, the teacher recounts an endearing encounter with her students, where Pavinesh, was teaching his classmates Tamil words and phrases. The video captures a group of students gathered around Pavinesh, attentively learning from him.

Watch the video below:
@salenasalleh Cikgu suruh rehat, budak melayu semua ni semangat nak belajar bahasa tamil kat kawan dia..tengok ape dia belajar tu? penangan lagu @Zubir Khan la nii...hahaha.. #iloveyou #bahasatamil #fyp ♬ Funny - Gold-Tiger

Salena explained that this incident followed a story she had shared with her students. She had recounted being featured on a local show where she was interviewed about her mother and her mother’s nine siblings, all of whom are fluent in Tamil. Inspired by this story, Salena encouraged her Form 2 students to learn Tamil from their classmate, Pavinesh.

To Salena's surprise, the students took her advice seriously. They approached Pavinesh to learn some basic Tamil phrases. However, their learning session was interrupted when Salena discovered them and inquired about what they were doing. Embarrassed, the students quickly dispersed.

Salena was pleasantly surprised to find that her students had genuinely taken her suggestion to heart. Upon further questioning, she discovered that the Malay students were learning how to say 'I love you' in Tamil from Pavinesh.

Salena's message to her students and the broader audience is clear: “Make the most of the opportunities and space you have with friends from different races. Learning a third language is an advantage that helps you secure good jobs and make more friends. Enjoy your teenage years and cherish every moment.”

This is hillarious and we just moved with the video!

Source: World of Buzz