"Hukum...Tiger ka HUKUM!"

You can almost feel the magic of Penang as you walk past this incredible artwork of Superstar Rajinikanth!

Nestled away under a busy road in Penang, we were mesmerized by the incredible talent of cartoonist Mohd Azmi as he flawlessly created this mural of the megastar from his latest blockbuster movie - JAILER. Not only did he paint the iconic Superstar Rajinikanth with graffiti art, but it was a sight to behold. With a brush and a palette of paint in his hand, he kept wowing us with his masterpieces!

Check out his latest masterpiece in the Facebook post below:

Remember when Azmi left us awestruck with his graffiti art during the release of 'Beast'?

Throwback to the time when Azmi's graffiti art during the release of 'Beast' left us in awe. And now, he's back to blow our minds once again with his incredible graffiti art skills. Your exceptional artistry has caught our attention and we're hooked! Anticipating with excitement to see the amazing skills you'll showcase in the future. Keep up the fantastic work!

Source: Azmi Hussin Facebook Page