Ippadiku Ila is a comedy series that has been entertaining Astro Vaanavil viewers since the beginning of February.

Astro recently had a brief chat with the director and the main cast member of the series to find out their experience working on the show.

Athi Baskeran, director.

Please tell us about your inspiration behind the series and your background as a director.

I owe it to my parents for where am I today. I grow up watching and analyzing movies as my dad had owned a CD shop since I was a baby. Being fascinated with the magical effect and wonder movies can have on humans, I decided that one day I’m going to do the same.

With a number of amateur short films as a director and experience as an assistant director, as well as vivid interest in scriptwriting, the idea for Ippadikku Ila actually happened overnight after a casual meet with my long-term collaborator, Tinagaren Ramkumar and a movie buff friend, Sathis Prabavathy. Recollecting humorous 90’s childhood incidents inspired me to direct Ippadikku Ila.

How has your experience been like getting this in place?

In the initial stages, experience was insufficient, however, as the shoot progressed, I learnt along the way. Along with my co-creators Tinagaren Ramkumar and Sathis Prabavathy, Ippadikku Ila is our debut big-scale project built from scratch with limited experience. Nevertheless, the process was fun and enjoyable throughout. In the end, through thick and thin, here we are now, ‘CLOWNS IFS’ present Ippadikku Ila.

Yuvaraj Krishnasamy, cast.

Please tell us about the role you play in Ippadikku Ila.

My character is known as ‘Suhan’ and I am the narrator in this series. A person who runs and manages an old folks and retirement home. I narrated the life of Ilakiyan and another important character from this series, Bakester.

What are some of your hopes for this series?

I hope this series reaches a wide range of audience from all walks of life. Embarking on Ilakiyan's journey will refresh the memories of those who lived in the 90’s, be it kids or parents. Besides that, this series will also expose today’s generation to the lifestyle and the ambience of the 90s era. I hope this series will attain its deserving success.

The 13-episode series also stars Haarintraa Nantha Kumar, Danesh Reubben Alagarasu, Sashwin Chandrasegaran, K. Prakash and Kirana Ramachandran.

It tells the three different stages of the titular Ilakkiya (Ila), a 90s kid residing in a flat in the Bandar Sunway suburb, whose innocence, curiosity, and mischievousness often land him in trouble him with his mother, while his father always comes to his defense.

Watch Ippadikku Ila at 8pm, every Monday to Thursday on Astro Vaanavil HD (Ch 201).

Customers can also enjoy the series via Astro, Astro GO and On Demand.