Tamil television is abuzz with the groundbreaking news of 'Cooku With Comali' returning for its highly-anticipated fifth season, promising to bring its signature mix of cooking and comedy to new heights. The upcoming shows faces a significant shift with the departure of esteemed judges Chef Venkatesh Bhat and Chef Dhamu. With that being said, the culinary duo bids farewell to embark on a new project together, leaving fans in contemplation about the future trajectory of this cherished series.

Since its inception, 'Cooku With Comali' has transcended its role as a culinary talent showcase, evolving into a melting pot of emotions, laughter, and indelible moments. Hosted by Rakshan and steered by the charismatic judgments of Chefs Dhamu and Venkatesh Bhat, the show has witnessed various cast changes over the years. However, the simultaneous departure of both judges marks a pivotal juncture in its evolution.

Let's have a look at Ched Dhamu's as well as Chef Venkat's post below:

Chef Venkatesh Bhat, renowned for his insightful critiques and heartwarming encouragement, declares his non-return for Season 5, citing the imperative need for a break and a fresh conceptual approach. In tandem, Chef Dhamu, equally revered for his culinary expertise and paternal presence, discloses his exit, hinting at an anticipated reunion with Bhat for an exciting upcoming project.

As the production team grapples with the task of filling the void left by Bhat and Dhamu, inevitable questions arise about the show's future direction and its ability to sustain its unique essence. Fans express both sorrow for the departure of their beloved judges and curiosity about the novel flavors and experiences the upcoming season will unfold.

Source / Image Credit : Tamil Galatta Updates , Venkathesh Bhat's Facebook Page