Vijay, a name that needs no introduction in South Indian cinema, has carved an impressive career in Tamil films, breaking box office records and amassing a substantial fan base. Recently, Vijay made his foray into politics by officially launching his political party, Tamilaga Vetri Kazhagam. His political entry has sparked debates, with many observing his unwavering support for the people of Tamil Nadu who have stood by him throughout his cinematic journey.

Let’s have a look at Thalapathy Vijay’s transformation from a child actor to a political leader, winning fans' hearts along the way.

Speaking about his early beginnings in cinema

Born to the renowned director S.A. Chandrasekhar, Vijay made his cinematic debut as a child artist with the Tamil film 'Vetri' in 1984. The title "Vetri" (Victory) appears to hold a special significance, as his political party also bears a name reflecting victory. Vijay's early career included appearances in six films as a child artist before convincing his father to allow him to transition into leading roles.

The rising as a lead actor

Vijay’s debut as a lead actor came with the 1992 Tamil film 'Naalaiya Theerpu', directed by his father. Following this, he acted in a series of films under his father's direction, gradually establishing himself in the industry. His success in family dramas resonated with a wider audience, cementing his status as a notable Tamil actor.

A journey of unprecedented success

Over the years, Vijay has consistently outdone himself, with each film surpassing the box office collection of its predecessor. His remarkable achievements have drawn attention not just in Tamil Nadu, but globally. His fan base, both offline and online, is widespread and highly dedicated.

The mass transition to politics

As all of us know, Vijay has now entered the political arena with the launch of Tamilaga Vetri Kazhagam. He has announced that his 69th film will mark the end of his acting career, allowing him to focus on his political ambitions. Vijay's entry into politics is seen as a unique way to give back to the community that has supported him throughout his illustrious career.

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