A significant milestone marked Jane Chelliah-Manning's remarkable journey as she was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), a distinction held by a select few Malaysians. At 60 years old, she holds the position of a senior policy lead in the UK’s business, energy, and industrial strategies department. Her commendable service in the civil sector and substantial contributions to British society merited this prestigious recognition.

The MBE is the third-highest distinction within the Order of the British Empire and is bestowed upon individuals excelling in arts, sciences, charity, or public service. Jane Chelliah-Manning's extensive portfolio encompasses pivotal roles during Britain’s Brexit transition and policy formulation amid the pandemic.

Her accolades extend beyond professional realms, encompassing a profound commitment to charitable causes. For a remarkable three years, she chaired Powerhouse, a prominent London-based organization supporting women grappling with learning disabilities and mental health challenges. This unique NGO stands as a vital resource for women with special needs, offering a nurturing environment for them to acquire essential skills in literacy and communication.

Notably, Jane remains steadfastly connected to her Malaysian roots, upholding her Malaysian citizenship even with her established status as a British permanent resident. Her academic prowess shines with a master’s degree in international relations, and she has dedicated the majority of her adult life to London.

Initially, she pursued a career as a freelance journalist before transitioning to her role in the civil service two decades ago. Jane’s remarkable journey and unwavering dedication exemplify a life devoted to public service and the pursuit of positive change, leaving an indelible mark on both the United Kingdom and Malaysia.

Congratulations and thank you for putting Malaysia on world map!

Image Credit / Source: FMT , South China Morning