Dr. Muharam Awang, a 79-year-old, recently achieved a remarkable milestone by earning a PhD in Malay Literature from UKM. Despite facing challenges such as technological hurdles, cataracts, and the logistics of commuting between Melaka and the Bangi campus, his determination and pursuit of knowledge serve as an inspiration.

Check out his inspiring journey below:

A father of seven and grandfather to 17, Dr. Muharam's academic journey wasn't without obstacles, including difficulties using computers and reading due to cataracts. Overcoming these challenges, he completed his thesis, showcasing determination and interest to gain more knowledge. His previous career as a school teacher, specialising in Pengajian Am for Form 6 students, reflects a lifelong commitment to education. Thank you for being an inspiration to those upcoming generations and congratulations as well, Dr. Muharam Awang.

Source / Image Credit : UKM Facebook, Sinar Harian