The alarming rise in cases of newborn baby abandonment necessitates a collective effort to raise awareness and provide viable alternatives. Instances of infants being discarded in unsuitable places have sparked public outrage, underscoring the urgency of preventive measures.

In response to this societal challenge, Malaysia has established various baby hatch centers, also known as baby protection centers, where newborns can be safely placed, offering a humane alternative to abandonment in unsafe conditions. It’s indeed our duty for the community to be well-informed about these facilities to discourage the tragic act of abandoning infants.

Here is a comprehensive list of baby hatch locations available across Malaysia, serving as a reference for those who may find themselves in distressing situations:

In addition to the physical baby hatch centers, the OrphanCare Foundation plays a pivotal role in providing comprehensive support. They help, parenting training, aid in the adoption process, and counseling services for mothers facing unplanned pregnancies. This support is initiated to protect both the expectant mothers and the unborn babies from stress and potential threats.

For individuals aspiring to become adoptive parents or those interested in caring for babies placed in baby hatches within Peninsular Malaysia, the adoption process can be initiated by contacting [email protected]. Residents in Sabah and Sarawak are advised to apply through the Social Welfare Department in their respective regions.

To assist those unfamiliar with the legal application process for adoption, the OrphanCare Foundation offers guidance, ensuring that prospective adoptive parents are well-informed and equipped to provide loving homes for these vulnerable infants.

The OrphanCare Foundation stands as a beacon of hope for these unfortunate babies, ensuring they are placed in caring and nurturing families. Regardless of the reasons behind baby abandonment, it is our responsibility to safeguard their lives and advocate for a more compassionate society.

By sharing this knowledge, we contribute to a safer environment for newborns and work towards a society that values the well-being of every child. Let us unite in preventing these tragic incidents and creating a future where every child is welcomed into a loving home.

Source / Image Credit : SAYS, OrphanCare