Every month, the day of Amavasai is considered auspicious to worship forefathers and people perform pujas on this day.

Amavasai holds great religious significance in Hindu culture, particularly for honoring and worshiping ancestors and departed souls. It is believed to be an ideal time for offering prayers and oblations to the ancestors.

Scientifically, Amavasai represents the lunar phase of the New Moon, when the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction, and the moonlight is absent from the Earth's perspective. However, in Hindu traditions, the absence of moonlight on Amavasya is seen as a symbolic time for introspection, reflection, and remembrance.

Having said that, Amavasai falls today (19 May 2023)..

Amavasai Tithi starts at 12.12 AM (on Friday - 19 May 2023)

Amavasai Tithi ends at 11.52 PM (on Friday Night - 19 May 2023)

This period, also called the fortnight of ancestors, is considered highly sacred for performing rituals and offering prayers to departed souls. It is believed that during this time, the spirits of ancestors visit the Earth, and by performing rituals and offerings, their blessings and liberation can be sought.

On Ashwin Amavasya or Pitru Paksha, Lord Vishnu, the preserver in Hindu mythology, and Yama, the god of death, are specifically worshiped. Offerings such as food, water, and prayers are made to honor the departed souls. Additionally, it is customary to offer food to cows, crows, dogs, and ants as a way of showing respect to all living beings.

Charity and donations are also considered significant on this day. People often engage in acts of charity, such as giving food, clothes, or other necessities to the needy, as a means of seeking blessings for their ancestors and performing selfless acts.

Let’s look at the do’s and don'ts of this auspicious day:

Don'ts:If going out is unavoidable, then follow these small tips:

1. Chant Chandra Gayatri Mantra

2. Carry a pure moonstone pendant

3. Breath 21 times with your left nostril while closing the right one and step out with your left foot forward first - this way, you will activate the intuitive part of your brain

Source: DrikPanchang , English Jagran