Believe it or not?

A prodigious child from Perak - namely Punithamalar shines as an outstanding student and at the same time dazzles the audience with her spectacular skills at the competition is not an easy feat!

What shines the brightest among all her strengths is her ability to accurately identify all sorts of the alphabet, and shapes with a blindfold. Yes, you read that right!

Recently, the kiddo has earned the limelight while showcasing her talent in a competition that took place at Aeon Mall Kinta City, Ipoh, Perak. To our surprise, a video where Punithamalar was blindfolded and still able to identify those intriguing game sessions accurately. It was even been circulating yet garnered the attention of social media users.

Watch the video below:
@pibgsjktmenglembu Super Brain Power Blindfold Performance by Punithamalar Rajashekar. #vanakammalaysianews #bernamaseithigal #bernamanewschannel #thrraagamalaysia #bahasatamil #minnalfm #sjktmenglembu #menglembu @minnalfmmalaysia @raaga_malaysia @astroulagam @radiotelevisyenmalaysia ♬ original sound - SJKT MENGLEMBU PIBG OFFICIAL

As we’re curious about her unbeatable skills, Astro Ulagam had the opportunity to interview Punithamalar’s father, Rajashekar.

The 10-year-old prodigy who is currently studying at SJK (T) Menglembu, is not only great at academics, but she is also a yogini ( a girl who is dedicated to the practice of Yoga).

Asking about her powerful memory skills:

“In 2022, I sent her for a 4 months course bearing the title, Super Memory Power (SMP). During the session, she involved herself in yoga and brain gym. As the days passed, we discovered Punithamalar does have sharp memory skills,” said Rajashekar.

Emerged among the finalists of Kids Got Talent Malaysia is all set to grace her way to yet another prestigious show, ‘America’s Got Talent’. Having said that, the talented lass received a golden buzzer in the state audition and was selected for the grand final which will be taking place on 27 May 2023.

Amazing blindfold performance: Punithamalar's phenomenal skill

The audience looked on, baffled and amazed by her skill, as the young lass identified and answered with full confidence, despite not being able to see a single thing.

The practice has made her perfect, and how!

According to Rajashekar, his daughter is an early riser.

“She has set a great example for us all by dedicating time in the morning for yoga and meditation.”

Not to forget the main pillar of her success - Master Alagan Govindan from Achievers Mind Academy. Indeed a gem!

Asking to whom he extends his gratitude...

“The headmistress of SJK Tamil Menglembu, Mrs. Kogilavani, and all the teachers who have showered support to maximize her potential. The course that she attended was also introduced by the school HM. A special mention to the school PIBG who was also really supportive of me and my daughter.

“Stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining ourselves by what we are” — Emma Watson, 2014

Nurtured by the magic of a parent, teachers & Yoga master’s support!

We all know the age-old phrase, that behind every successful child, there is a parent. Rajashekar & Sivasankari is a perfect example for all the parents out there.

“I have a message for parents who want their children to be active in co-curricular activities. Do always believe that your child is unique. As a parent, it is our responsibility to nurture and cultivate the talents of our children. With the right encouragement and guidance, there are countless opportunities for growth and success. And also, participating in competitions will provide an excellent opportunity for kids to showcase their talents.

If we as parents don’t encourage them, then who else would?

Punithamalar is an incredible example of how you can accomplish anything you set your mind to even without sight!