Are you a fan of "Cooku with Comali" or do you prefer "Top Cooku Dupe Cooku"?

"Cooku with Comali" combines cooking with humor, creating an entertaining and light-hearted atmosphere. The interactions between the Comalis and Cookus add a comedic element to the cooking challenges.

On the other hand, "Top Cooku Dupe Cooku" entertains viewers by showcasing skilled cooks attempting to teach the dupes, resulting in comedic mishaps and unexpected outcomes. It offers laughter-filled moments along with culinary challenges.

Both shows have garnered a significant fan following. "Cooku with Comali" appeals with its unique concept of pairing professional chefs with comedians, while "Top Cooku Dupe Cooku" provides a fresh take on cooking competitions with its mix of skilled cooks and dupes.

As both shows air on Sun TV and Vijay TV, opinions vary on which is better. We want to know your preference!

Which show do you enjoy more and why? Share your thoughts with us!

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Image Credit : Filmibeat