With just 24 hours until the premiere of the highly-anticipated, Family Feud Malaysia Tamil, our anticipation is reaching its peak! Get ready to witness an exhilarating battle of wits as two teams go head to head in a series of entertaining and mind-boggling rounds!

In a thrilling clash of wit and entertainment, Two families - Sooriyavamsam (Beloved Radio DJs) and Vanathai Pola (Charismatic TV hosts) - had fans buzzing with excitement as they took centre stage to lead their respective families in a battle for supremacy. As Episode 1 is approaching tomorrow, let’s have a look at what the game show store for us:

A perfect combo of team

Prominent Radio DJs (Sooriyavamsam Family) and TV Hosts (Vanathai Pola Family) are joining hands together for this mega game show.

Vanathai Pola Family (TV Hosts)
Sooriyavamsam Family (Radio DJ’s)
Engaging format

The show's format is engaging and interactive, involving both the contestants and the viewers. You can play along at home, trying to guess the top answers to the survey questions before the contestants do. It adds a layer of participation and excitement to the viewing experience.

Insight into human psychology

amily Feud is not just about trivia; it also provides insights into human psychology and the way people think. The survey questions often reveal interesting and sometimes surprising trends in how people perceive certain topics. It can be fascinating to see the contrasting answers and understand the reasoning behind them.

Competitive spirit

Both teams showcase the competitive nature of families as they strive to outwit and outscore their opponents. The intense rivalries and strategies employed by the teams create an engaging and dynamic atmosphere. The show's host, along with the reactions of the contestants, adds to the overall competitive spirit, making it a thrilling watch.

Relatable content

The show revolves around questions and topics that are relatable to everyday life. The surveys cover a wide range of subjects, including relationships, and common experiences. This relatability allows viewers to connect with the show and its contestants, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Get ready to witness the battle of wits between two families competing for the grand prize!

Don't miss to watch Family Feud Malaysia Tamil which is all set to blast your home screens on 3rd June, 9 PM - exclusively on Vinmeen HD.