You may think the most spectacular and massive Deepavali festivities happen across India, but did you know that other nations developed their unique ways of celebrating this festival of light?

Astro Ulagam found 4 countries that celebrate Deepavali with parades, fireworks, and gathering. The interesting part is that each country celebrate with their own unique twist!

1) Triolet, Mauritius

Regardless of religion or ethnicity, the population acknowledges Deepavali because its predominantly inhibited by Hindus. The most striking celebration happens in the village of Triolet where all residents take part in the festivities, visiting friends and family, bursting crackers, and admiring all the homes lit up by electric lights.

2) Guyana

Deepavali had been celebrated since 1853 in this small South American country. The country holds an interesting celebratory motorcades in several cities besides the usual traditional sharing of sweets, visiting friends and family, and illuminating homes with diyas or electric lights. Vehicles are decked out amazingly in lights and decorations, driven in long parades. This event is attended by thousands.

3) Leicester, England

One of the biggest celebration outside of India happens in this mid-sized city. The main road is called “Golden Mile” during Deepavali in which people attend the switch-on of the festival lights. The daytime festivities include dancing, workshops, and a 110-foot “wheel of light” ride.

4) Brampton, Canada

The three day Deepavali Fest is held in Bramalea City Centre and the biggest celebration of its kind in Canada. The celebration features dance competitions, delicious meals, and a massive food drive. You can also expect lots of fireworks throughout the city.

Picture credit: Roam New Roads, Newsweek & The Independent