Dr Shalini Devi Ramachandran and her husband Dr Yuveneswara Murti lost their three-year-old Aranda Clinic in the recent floods at Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam.

However, that has not stopped the kind-hearted couple from setting up a temporary medical camp to offer free services to flood victims, reported The Vibes.

According to the report, the couple incurred about RM850,000 in losses after their clinic became inundated on Dec 18. This includes damages to the expensive medical equipments and medications at the premises, among others.

This was compounded by the fact that Shalini's clinic was not insured.

"My clinic is a total loss. It's very painful, yes. But I can also feel what others are going through now. We lost together, but it's okay, we will regrow together," Shalini, 34, told the news portal.

According to the report, Shalini and her husband had been volunteering their medical expertise from the very first day of the flood, but it was only recently they could set up the temporary medical tent, after the floodwaters receded and donated medical supplies started coming in.

They are currently seeking for volunteers to help out at the camp, as well as donations from the public to keep the service going.

Shalini said that the number of patients seeking treatment at their camp has been increasing as many clinics in the area have been damaged in the floods, and they are quickly running out of medication supplies and funds to replenish the stock.

The government has not extended any form of help to the mobile clinic, yet. The camp is currently sustained by donations from individuals and private bodies like the Penang Hindu Association (PHA), and Klinik Derma Sivasanta (KDS).

Those who wish to help out Shalini and her husband by volunteering their service at the camp, or by donating to the cause, can contact her through WhatsApp at 010-7648078.

Source & Photo source: The Vibes