Heavy rains associated with Cyclone Michaung have led to the cancellation of several flights and delays for at least 20 others in Chennai on Monday morning. Passengers are advised to check the status of their flights before heading to the airport, as the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu prepare for the cyclone's impact.

Chennai experiences disruptions in air travel as heavy rains, a precursor to Cyclone Michaung, prompt the cancellation of numerous flights and delays for around 20 others. Airlines recommend passengers to verify their flight status beforehand, while airport operations persist amidst adverse weather conditions.

Despite disruptions caused by Cyclone Michaung, Chennai Airport remains operational. Heavy rains have led to significant waterlogging across the city and the state, resulting in several flight cancellations and delays. Passengers are urged to stay informed about their flight status.

Chennai faces flight disruptions and delays due to the impact of Cyclone Michaung. Approximately 20 flights experience delays, with others being cancelled. Passengers are cautioned to check their flight status as the city grapples with heavy rains and the imminent influence of the cyclone.

Source / Image Credit: NDTV. Com , India Today