And the moment we all were waiting for is finally here!

A series of 6 episodes showcasing Malaysia’s top street dance talent bearing the title - Astro’s Battleground Malaysia: Road to Gold (#BTGMY) is all set to commence on 29 September 2023, every Friday at 10 PM.

Battleground Malaysia: Road to Gold, the show is a joint initiative with the Ministry of Youth and Sports powered by the new breath of Rakan Muda lifestyle brands, Rakan Ekspresi and Rakan Muzik. The contestants have been shortlisted from hundreds of applications by youth across the nation, who wowed the public as well as the judges at an on-ground audition held at AEON Mall Shah Alam in July.

This initiative stems from the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) vision to bolster its mission objectives which involves the creation of television reality shows in the form of street dance competitions, strategically designed to serve dual purposes. Firstly, the programme seeks to offer a platform for active youth engagement and the showcasing of their talents, amplifying their voices and capabilities on a national scale.

The multidimensional approach of the programme goes beyond traditional sports, incorporating the dynamic realm of dance and entertainment. This fusion not only diversifies KBS's reach across various platforms but also engages a wider demographic. The integration of sports, dance, and entertainment elements unites the nation, garnering increased support for Malaysia's sporting achievements and its pursuit of gold on an international stage.

The show’s mix of sports, dance and entertainment makes it a fun watch for Malaysians. It unites us as we cheer on the dancers that come from different states and cultural backgrounds—just like we do during a badminton match.

Battleground Malaysia: Road to Gold is poised to captivate a diverse Malaysian audience, transcending age and ethnicity with its dynamic entertainment. Hosted in three languages by the esteemed personalities Sherry Al-Hadad, Dennis Yin, and Saint TFC, the show promises a broad reach and connection.

Adding to its allure is the eminent actor, rapper, and host, Zizan Razak, who graces the series as a discerning judge. The competition unfolds under the guidance of four distinguished dance captains, each of whom recruits contestants into crews of ten based on their dance prowess. Among these captains are the two-time SEA Games Breaking Gold medalist Lego Sam, the notable Malaysian B-Boy and SEA Games contender Khenobu, Danny Lee from the esteemed music group 3P (Threee Production), and the revered Astro Battleground 2010 & 2011 Champion, Seven.

The show's narrative emphasises unity by bringing dancers from diverse backgrounds together for the love of street dance.

YB Hannah Yeoh, Minister of Youth and Sports said, “Breaking is the latest sport to be introduced at the Paris 2024 Olympics. By partnering with Astro on Battleground Malaysia: Road to Gold, KBS is committed to helping gifted Malaysian youths further strengthen their talents in dance and set them on the road to the first-gold medal Olympian on the global stage.

Moreover, this show is initiated to be a family-friendly viewing experience. It encourages family members to come together, support the contestants, and enhance their bond while nurturing a sense of unity among Malaysians. The competition's concept is inclusive, with participants from diverse races representing various states, promoting unity and diversity in a spirit of togetherness.

On the other hand, KBS envisions "Battleground Malaysia: Road to Gold" as an instrumental platform in unearthing exceptional talents within the Malaysian youth demographic. The program is strategically designed to not only identify these promising individuals, but also to provide them with a foundation for empowerment. This empowerment is actualised through a comprehensive framework encompassing unparalleled opportunities, dedicated mentorship, and specialized training guided by seasoned professionals.

The overarching aim is to cultivate and nurture these promising talents into a formidable generation of Malaysian athletes poised to make a mark on the global stage. This initiative embodies a profound commitment to fostering a legacy of athletic excellence bolstered by the invaluable contributions and dedication of the youth in Malaysia.

Agnes Rozario, Director of Content, Astro, said, “We are honoured to have this opportunity to discover and develop Malaysia’s next dance talents together with the Ministry of Youth and Sports via Battleground Malaysia: Road to Gold. This exciting reality show format tests participants to their limits, by challenging them to different dance tasks and being mentored by experienced captains who share their knowledge in order to push them to the next level. We also look forward to the grand finale to crown the winner in front of a live audience including Astro customers through our Astro Rewards initiatives.”

With that, Astro is hosting an exciting LIVE grand finale for "Battleground Malaysia: Road to Gold" on 3rd November. Exciting cash prizes await contestants. The top dance crew will win a grand prize of RM100,000, while the 1st runner-up team will receive RM30,000. Moreover, within the winning team, individual dancers will compete for extra prizes of RM25,000 to find the best performer. It's a celebration of dance talent and competitive spirit!

And with that, don’t miss to tune into Malaysia's most massive street dance competition, Battleground Malaysia: Road to Gold, airing every Friday at 10 PM starting from 29th September.

Catch the action on Astro RIA (CH104), Vinmeen (CH202), and SHOWCASE (CH413). You can also stream it on the Astro GO app, with episodes available on demand. Additionally, catch the show on Astro AEC (CH306) every Saturday at 11 PM, starting from 30th September.