Life can be quite unpredictable sometimes and this became true in the life of Dato Selvam Krishnan whose journey began in an estate in Perak.

Despite starting his life from a simple beginning, as the son of a rubber tapper, Selvam always aimed high and had the fighter spirit to make a difference in his life.

After completing his secondary education, he took up a job in the estate for a monthly pay of RM500. But deep down inside, he knew that he wanted to achieve greater height in his life than merely getting a job in the estate.

He moved to Singapore in the hopes of getting a better life, but learned how tough and challenging life can be for a person who has yet to complete tertiary education.

Knowing the importance of education for the betterment of life, he completed a part-time diploma course in Singapore and took the necessary steps to improve his English language skills.

After living in Singapore for several years, Selvam returned to Malaysia to start his own business and after much struggle, he finally succeeded in the field of Oil and Gas. He was honoured with the 'Young Indian Entrepreneur' award in the year 2016.

"I couldn't have achieved this without the motivation and blessing of my dad."

This Labours Day, let's honour the real-life heroes who've achieved greater heights in life with their self-determination and hard work.

Source: Raaga