Aside from new hopes and aspirations for the New Year, another thing that comes to our mind at the mention of Chithirai New Year is the mouth-watering vegetarian dishes we will get to feast on.

Who can forget the lip-smacking experience of feasting on a variety of dishes lined up on a banana leaf?

Below are some of the must-haves to usher in the New Year:

Rice with Sambar or Rasam



Raw mango pachadi - a MUST HAVE for Chithirai New Year

Methu vadai or paruppu vadai

Sakkarai ponggal


Carrot-beans poriyal

Neer Moru

These are just some of the delicacies you can try out during the festival - the recipes of which you can easily find on the internet.

Yesterday, Astro Ulagam highlighted 10 interesting facts about the Chithirai New Year that you may missed reading.

Tomorrow, we will highlight the significance of the festival.

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