Denes Kumar - a name that needs no introduction when it comes to the entertainment industry, and now the man who excels in his acting career is stepping into the sales world.

But where did it all start?

Revathy has challenged Denes to become a Cuckoo Sales Rep, and he has accepted the challenge to join the remarkable team. Learning all the demos and functions of Cuckoo products in one day period, let’s see what Denes has to share about the benefits of being a part of the team below:

1. Attractive Payment Entitlement Plan

From receiving an attractive salary, joining the sales representative field offers the potential for attractive commission-based earnings, allowing you to directly benefit from your sales efforts. Things get even bigger - as Cuckoo will be providing you with tour packages to places such as Korea and Hanoi. Who wouldn’t love this exclusive treat by the team?

2. Cultivating a Positive Work Culture

At Cuckoo, they place a strong emphasis on fostering a positive work culture and supporting new team members through mentorship and skill-sharing that boosts collaboration, morale, and productivity. Throughout the training period, Denes has stated that the entire team is dedicated to providing a welcoming and inspiring environment, with a mentor to lead and guide during training. But it doesn’t end there - the members of Cuckoo also take the time to share their skills and knowledge with those who are new to the team, creating an enriching and supportive atmosphere that encourages growth and success.

3. Constructive Career Growth

Take your career to the next level!

With room for growth, the Cuckoo Sales team is the perfect opportunity to enhance and develop your career to new heights. With hard work, dedication, and the support of a mentor, you can achieve great results and get closer to your dreams. With promotions up to managerial levels, a plethora of benefits await you. And, sure that Denes is not kidding you, guys!

4. Skills Development Activities

Careers in sales indeed demand a variety of skills. And among one of them is skills development, the utmost factor that has been emphasized to date. Apart from sales pitching, product demo, and communication skills, other crucial abilities include negotiation, relationship-building, time management, and adaptability.

Fret of having ZERO experience in the sales field?

Worry not, as Cuckoo will be providing complete training and coaching for newcomers such as Denes, who is currently an ace sales rep on the team.

Engaging in role-playing exercises, attending sales workshops, and practicing active listening can all contribute to well-rounded skills development in the sales field.

Guys, if you want to experience amazing benefits, all you need to do is start applying for your dream job HERE and get one step closer to making your dreams come true with Cuckoo!