A game-changer in Indian film history!

After decades of monumental contributions to Indian cinema, the legendary musician Ilaiyaraaja is set to be honoured with a biographical film, featuring Dhanush in the lead role. The movie, titled 'Ilaiyaraaja: The King of Music,' will take a unique approach by directly incorporating Ilaiyaraaja's own music and existing compositions.

Announced by actor Kamal Haasan during a ceremony in Chennai earlier this March, the film has garnered widespread excitement among fans of the maestro. For many, Ilaiyaraaja's name evokes a sense of nostalgia, as his music has accompanied listeners for over four decades, resonating throughout generations.

Spanning a career of more than five decades, Ilaiyaraaja has composed over 7,000 songs for over 1,000 films and performed in over 20,000 concerts worldwide. The biopic will delve into the life and achievements of the 81-year-old musical virtuoso, tracing his journey from his roots in Pannaipuram, now Theni, to his present-day stature.

Born as R. Gnanathesikan, Ilaiyaraaja was immersed in Tamil folk music during his upbringing in a rural environment. His musical journey began at the age of 14 when he joined the Pavalar Brothers, a traveling musical troupe led by his elder brother Pavalar Varadharajan. Over the years, Ilaiyaraaja's talent and dedication propelled him to the forefront of the music industry.

In 1975, he received his breakthrough opportunity when producer Panchu Arunachalam recognized his talent and entrusted him with composing the music for the film 'Annakili' after being impressed by a song sung casually by Ilaiyaraaja. The success of 'Annakili' marked the beginning of a prolific career, during which he composed music for over 1,500 films across multiple languages, including Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi.

Ilaiyaraaja's pioneering spirit was evident throughout his career, as he became the first Indian composer to record a soundtrack with a computer for the film 'Vikram' in 1986. Not only did he win hearts with his soulful melodies, but his 2006 masterpiece 'Thiruvasagam in Symphony' showcases his unparalleled innovation and mastery in the world of music.

Source / Image Credit : Times of India