Mani Ratnam's acclaimed film 'Kaatru Veliyidai,' with its captivating storyline and music by A.R. Rahman, made waves upon its release. One standout track from the movie is 'Tango Kelaayo,' which features an intriguing twist in its vocal arrangement.

The song's female vocals were, surprisingly, crooned by Haricharan, a male singer renowned for his versatility. Reflecting on this unique experience, Haricharan shared, “After recording 'Azhagiye,' I was called in to record 'Tango Kelaayo.' We approached it like any other song, but its tango genre was particularly cool.”

Initially, Haricharan recorded a draft of the song, including the female portions, which were intended as a reference for a future female vocalist. Using technology, A.R. Rahman modulated Haricharan's voice to sound like a female. “I recorded in my normal voice, and Rahman sir used a plugin to make it sound like a lady. It was meant to be temporary, but Rahman sir decided to keep it for the final version,” Haricharan explained.

Released in 2017, 'Tango Kelaayo' features Haricharan's voice for both the male and female parts. A.R. Rahman, in his Facebook interaction with fans, revealed that he chose to retain Haricharan's modulated voice for the female portions because it perfectly fit the song's sensuous tone, and he couldn’t find a better replacement.

This innovative approach not only highlights Haricharan’s vocal range but also A.R. Rahman's ingenuity in music production, making 'Tango Kelaayo' a memorable and unique track in 'Kaatru Veliyidai.'

Source : nowrunning