In the age of social media today, it has become a rarity for people to visit libraries, let alone one that contains Tamil books.

However, if you are a book lover who equally loves the Tamil language, perhaps you could head to Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, to visit the Muthamizh Tamil public library.

The low-key establishment is more than 60-years-old, with a collection of over 20,000 Tamil books from local and overseas publications. The books encompass various genres, from literature to novel, to works of fiction and history, among others.

Facebook user Vinod Mahendran have highlighted the existence of the library in a post on his page, which has garnered almost 2,000 shares as of the time this article was written.

According to Vinod, the library is very well taken care of, despite its age.

"The librarian, Ms Vasuki was very happy to welcome me to the library.

"She was very soft spoken and shared many things about the library. Sadly, it seems only the older people tend to visit this library, and not youngsters," he wrote.

How many of us know that there is a Thamizh Library in Sentul, KL? ????? This is a very old Thamizh library but it was...

Posted by Vinod Mahendran on Friday, 19 February 2021

Despite the advancement in technology, Vinod assured that there is still a sea of knowledge that one can find here, and not on the internet.

"All you could do to support this library is simple - just visit and read (the books).

"Bring your friends and family members to this library. Take it as a relaxation time. That's all it takes to keep these libraries operating," wrote Vinod.

The library can be contacted at 03-4041 2279 or via [email protected] for further information.

So, if you find yourself around Sentul the next time, please make it a point to drop by at this library to show support.

Photo source: Vinod Mahendran & Muthamizh Tamil Library Facebook