In our digital age, the convenience of using MyKad as a Touch 'n Go (TNG) card has become a common practice.

However, many users may not be aware that the TNG functionality on their MyKad has an expiry date and requires renewal. For MyKad users, this guide will cover everything you need to know about the renewal and expiry process, ensuring a smooth and effortless transaction.

Similar to standalone TNG cards, the TNG feature embedded within MyKad has a finite validity period. Typically, MyKad's TNG system operates on a 10-year validity, while Enhanced TNG cards last for seven years.

How to check the expiry date and serial number?

To stay informed about the expiry date of your MyKad's TNG feature, several methods are available. One way is to check the expiry date on reload receipts obtained during TNG transactions. Additionally, users can find the 10-digit serial number on the receipt, which is essential for tracking the TNG feature's status. The serial number can also be obtained from TNG self-service kiosks or by inquiring at Rapid KL customer service offices.

So, how do you renew your MyKad's TNG?

When the TNG feature on your MyKad approaches its expiry date, it's crucial to initiate the renewal process promptly. Renewal can be done conveniently at any LRT station. Simply inform the staff of your intention to extend the validity of your MyKad's TNG feature. Upon request, the validity can be extended for up to three years, ensuring continued usability.

Refund process for expired TNG features:

Just click here to request for a refund.

In cases where users no longer wish to utilize the TNG feature on their MyKad, a refund of the remaining balance can be requested. This process involves submitting a refund request, which is typically processed within 14 to 30 days from submission.

Users can initiate the refund request online or seek assistance from TNG's Careline team via email ([email protected]), or @MyTouchnGo on Facebook/X.

Facebook / Image Credit : Touch 'n Go Malaysia , SoyaCincau , SAYS