What do kids do at the age of one-and-a-half years? Not much as this would be the age where they start learning the basic vocabulary. So, when a toddler starts saying general knowledge facts, it is bound to hold the listener spellbound.

Wondering what the writer is rattling about?

Well, it’s none other than our Lil champ Diiyaash Dev who has carved his name in the Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) by being “The Youngest to Speak Expressive Vocabulary” in Malaysia.

What a better day for us to start the week off on the right foot!

With that being said, Astro Ulagam had the pleasure of speaking to the mom (Kanageswary Ramu) to get comprehensive details about Diiyaash’s outstanding feat.

Asking about when they recognised his ability to be able to speak more than 500 expressive vocabularies, she stated that:

"We understood that he can grasp words easily. The best part was, we taught him once and within seconds when he was 11 months old (as we thought this was normal until our pediatrician informed us that Diiyaash Dev possessed advanced language ability- And Diiyaash Dev proved it right). We were astonished when he began to speak in complete sentences when he was just 14 months old.”

Well, we were in the same boat when we got to know about Diiyaash’s astounding abilities. We would proudly say that the 18-month-old toddler is a young prodigy with a powerful memory.

Indeed, a record-setter!

According to the mom of one, she’s not alone in the Lil champ’s remarkable feat. Without her husband (Mohan Raj Francis), this wouldn’t have happened. Besides spending ample time with Diiyaash, they often expose him to fun learning by introducing flashcards, singing nursery rhymes, reading books, doing Montessori activities, outdoor activities, play-based learning, and involving him in our daily chores, and the list is inexhaustive.

“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is the roots, the other, wings.” - Hodding Carter

As the quote denotes, parenting can be as tricky as we think, but look at Diiyaash’s parents!

They have beautifully shown their journey of parenting that requires courage, determination, and patience.

Talking about his current hobby or favorite activities, the proud mother said, “Diiyaash doesn’t have any specific hobby at the moment. But, since he has started going to swimming classes to help with his lesson, his father has been having frequent pool time with him lately.”

This little munchkin has added a smile to the faces of his family members and is a reminder to the world that there's no age limit on achieving something big. Look at the cute Lil's face as he leaves everyone in awe.

The Johor native has also shared a piece of advice for first-time parents out there:

“Parents, start practicing verbal communication with your babies/toddlers. Even if you start talking to your child at a young age and receive no response, don’t worry. Consistency is the key. Teach them in a way they could learn.”

This could be one of the most beautiful pieces of advice that we can hear/read right now. And thank you for being a great example to all the parents out there.

“We never know what the future holds for him. Our utmost priority is to raise him to be a happy child with good moral values. So, we try to teach him everything in a fun and interesting way as he just started to discover the world,” she added.

One can only imagine what great feats this little boy is capable of!

Congratulations Diiyaash and a big shout-out to his parents for setting an example on how parenting skills should be like.

Image Credit: Kanageswary Ramu