India's Got Talent winners Divyansh & Manuraj showcase their amazing beatboxing and flute talents at America’s Got Talent All Stars recently, and the writer must say that it was one of the most mind-blowing performances that the entire audience witnessed to date.

Indeed an unusual act from the duo.

Check out the full video below:

The dynamic duo performs an electrifying track namely Believer by Imagine Dragons. The unusual mixture of flute and beatboxing mesmerized the audience as well as the judges, who gave Divyansh and Manuraj a standing ovation.

In a recent interview, Divyansh stated:

"India's Got Talent was amazing, but AGT: All-Stars..I think it's the biggest show in the world. To be here and to compete against other winners and other amazing artists...we're just really nervous, to be honest...But we are representing our country and our Indian culture..We have a global sound and everyone resonates with it."

The duo have left a profound impact both locally and internationally since they were crowned the champions of India's Got Talent season nine, and are now well known across the world.

Divyansh's beatboxing prowess and Manuraj's outstanding flute performance during IGT season nine impressed the spectators. Despite winning the Golden Buzzer during the Auditions, they still were able to deliver brilliant performances.

Source / Image Credit: SK POP , TalentRecap