Kalidassh Punusamy or better known as DJ. Dasz pulled off a jaw-dropping record attempt on Monday, 6th March 2023, from 5 PM till 5 AM.

While he might not have given any thought to such an endeavour before, the sensational DJ did make himself proud by breaking into the ranks of insane Malaysia Book Of Records achievers earlier this week with an amazing feat — “Longest Non-Stop DJ Mixing Walk.”

“I always wanted to be myself. My competition is me.“ - DJ.Dasz

For a glimpse of his attempt, watch the video below:

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“12 hours of non-stop DJ mixing while walking was super amazing, " says DJ Dasz!

To those who have attended the Hearts of Harris 2.0, the concert would have known about this man’s immense talent. From taking over the stage and proved his mettle with his DJ-ing skills. Danggg, trust us when we say that his magic had left the audience spellbound.

Congratulations Dasz on achieving the Malaysia Book of Records title!