Uvaneswari Nagaswaran literally turns head wherever she goes.

Not for dubious means, but for the fact that the 36-year-old shipping officer rides a high-powered motorcycle - a Kawasaki Z 900 to be precise.

Speaking to Astro Ulagam, Uvaneswari, fondly known as Uva, said that she has always liked bikes since she was small.

"I learned to ride a bike when I was 11, but study and work commitments later rendered me unable to indulge in my passion," she recalled.

Although she eventually got to own a motorcycle, albeit a smaller engine capacity one, after she started working at a firm in Port Klang, it was only two years ago that she finally gathered the courage to purchase the Kawasaki.

According to her, she informed no one, including her mother, about buying the machine, and the latter just found out after she rode it home after a prayers session in the temple.

However, luckily for Uva, her mother and her three elder siblings were very supportive of her choice, as long as she looked after herself.

Uva is also the secretary of the Brickcity Bikers KL motorcycle club, with whom she used to join weekend long rides and staycations, prior to the enforcement of the Movement Control Order. She is the sole female member of the club.

Besides her day job as a shipping officer, Uva is also a life insurance agent and runs her own spa, which deals with aesthetics.

She gets similar reactions of awe from clients she goes to meet outside, for her insurance business for instance.

"I'm not doing this for the attention, but riding gives me the satisfaction of doing what I like," she said.

Uva's words for fellow women who may be holding back from indulding in their passion in fear of societal impressions is: "do what you want, and live your life to the fullest."

Kudos for your courage and being inspirational Uva.

Photo source: Uvaneswari Nageswaran