The Cenderawasih group, comprising sibling singers Helen Savari and Irene Savaree, emerged in Malaysia in 1981 and quickly gained widespread popularity. They became one of the few non-Malay groups to captivate audiences with their enchanting songs.

Their notable song "Deritamu Deritaku," featured on their debut album in 1984, quickly became a favorite among art enthusiasts of that era. The group signed a three-year contract with EMI, marking their entry into the music scene and setting the stage for their success.

Over the years, they released three successful albums: "Cenderawasih Volume 1 - Samangang Perjalanan Ini" (1984), "Cenderawasih Volume 2" (1985), and "Cenderawasih Vol 3" (1986).

Despite their fame, many people may not realize that the iconic Hari Raya song "Bersama Di Hari Raya" was performed by these talented siblings. This timeless song continues to be cherished and is considered a "legend" during Hari Raya celebrations.

In later years, Irene established the International College of Music (ICOM) in Kuala Lumpur, while Helen relocated to Switzerland with her husband, organizing the acclaimed Jazzaar Festival focused on music and youth.

Source / Image Credit: BorakViralLife, twt_nostalgia, SoundCloud