When Dr Saraswathy Subramaniam got assigned for duty at the Semporna hospital amid a spike in COVID-19 cases in Sabah last month, she was resigned to the fact that she stood a high chance of contracting the disease herself.

Got infected she did, but now that she is recovering, the 29-year-old doctor cannot wait to get back on the frontline to battle the unseen enemy, when she gets back to duty this week.

"I remained calm and kept a positive thinking when told that I had contracted COVID-19. This is because I was prepared, as the disease can infect everyone, regardless of their status," Saraswathy, who was a medical officer at the Emergency and Trauma Department of the Tawau Hospital, was quoted telling Harian Metro.

After contracting COVID-19, Saraswathy spent almost three weeks in the ward, from Sept 26 to Oct 15, 2020.

Speaking to the tabloid daily, Saraswathy, who hails from Kuala Selangor, said she was "mentally and physically" prepared to face any possibility, when she was assigned to the Semporna Hospital in September.

"The day before (being diagnosed with COVID-19), I was treating patients at the ward. The next day, I was a patient there.

"I was lying on the bed weak, stricken with coughs, sore throat, shivers and a heavy head, at the very ward where I attended to patients before," she recalled.

"My experience (as a patient) gave me a different outlook (on the disease)," she added.

Although admitted as a patient, Saraswathy could not "run" from her duty as a doctor, as she spent a fair share of her time reassuring other COVID-19 patients in the ward to face their predicament head-on.

"I also wrote in my diary, did art therapy, watched dramas and movies online, read spiritual and inspirational messages, besides providing moral support with colleagues who had also contracted the disease."

Saraswathy is grateful she pulled through the ordeal without lasting damage, as there were many other patients whose conditions were way worse than hers.

The epidose has also taught her to value life more, she said.

Source: Harian Metro
Photo source: Harian Metro, Saraswathy Subramaniam Facebook