'Serial Pei', which has been entertaining Astro viewers since early January, will come to a conclusion today (Jan 29).

Here's a quick chat with filmmaker M.S Prem Nath, who made the 20-episode comedy-horror series, and its leading cast 'Punnagai Poo' Geetha.

Director: M.S. Prem Nath

I have directed four movies, including ‘Vere Vazhi Ille’, ‘Rise: Inikalilah’ and ‘Irul Ghost Hotel’ and edited countless local movies. I have also won numerous awards including for ‘Nest’ short film, best editor for ‘Maindhan’ and best Astro first film for ‘Vere Vazhi Ille’. With my experience and the help of the producers, Denes Kumar and Dr. Vimala Perumal, along with the whole production team, the task of getting this series ready was not very tough. A lot of ‘sfx’ make up and ‘vfx’ were used to make the series look more appealing.

Cast: ‘Punnagai Poo’ Geetha

My role in Serial Pei was as a RAAGA radio announcer - basically my actual job. Initially, it was a bit odd, but eventually I grew into the character. While I have hosted Raagavil Marma Desam on RAAGA, a show that shares listeners’ supernatural experiences, the Serial Pei series is more about ghost hunting. This is my first experience acting in a television series and in a project related to graphics and animation. It was new and quite challenging to act without having a visual of what we are interacting with on the live set, but it was truly fun. Overall, it was an interesting journey for me and I found the outcome impressive.

Other cast member of the series include James Devan, Sasi Kumar, Kavimaran, Revathy, Naveesyaah, Akshra Nair, Kogulan, Suresh, and Raj Ganesh.

Don't miss the final episode of 'Serial Pei' at 9pm tonight on Astro Vinmeen HD (CH 231) via TV, Astro GO, and On Demand. Previous episodes can also be streamed On Demand.