Every woman knows just how tempting it can be to go straight to bed after coming back from a party or a long hard day at work.

The thought of taking the extra few minutes to remove that day's old makeup can be too much at that moment. Most of the time, sleep would win that battle.

But according to dermatologist Melanie Palm, that would be a very bad choice...

"Sleep is a restorative time for the skin, and if oil glands and pores are blocked by the day's makeup remains, the results can be disastrous".

"Makeup products left on the skin do not allow skin to properly shed, and the makeup, old skin cells and environmental pollutants can accumulate on your pillow."

A nightly face washing routine helps to avoid clogged pores, blackheads, inflammatory acne, and flaky, red, irritated skin that could result from wearing makeup overnight.

Apparently, there are also differences between sleeping with face or eye makeup on - mascara and eyeliner come with different side effects.

"Sleeping with eye makeup on puts a patient at risk for corneal abrasions (due to particles irritating the surface of the eye), and inflammation around the delicate tissue of the eye," Palm says. "Inflammation around the eye can cause eye infections, irritation and clogging of glands around the eyelash line as well as eyelid redness and irritation."

If you give into temptation and sleep with that makeup on, it's crucial that you make your morning skin care routine a high priority upon waking up. "Use warm (not hot) water to loosen caked-on makeup to gently open pores of the skin," Palm says." If your skin is not sensitive, this would be a great opportunity to use an ultrasonic cleansing brush to ensure thorough cleansing to remove debris from the skin's surface and pores."

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Source: In Style
Photo Credit: Indian Beauty Diary