From a mischievous child with poor academic prospects to a distinguished neurosurgeon saving lives, Dr. Parthiban's trajectory is a story embodies the power of resilience, second chances, and gratitude.

Born and bred in Sungai Lalang, Kedah, amidst financial hardships, Dr. Parthiban's childhood was marked by meagre means and limited prospects. Growing up in a small village, his parents managed a modest sundry shop, struggling to provide even a single meal on certain days. Dr. Parthiban's academic performance was lacklustre, earning him disheartening comments from teachers who doubted his future success.

The turning point in Dr. Parthiban's life came in the form of his class teacher, Lioe Sie Luan, whom he affectionately refers to as "Low Ser." Recognizing his potential, Low Ser intervened with an act of compassion that would alter the course of Dr. Parthiban's life. She not only provided him with daily meals but also imparted words of encouragement, fostering a sense of worth and possibility.

Despite this initial intervention, Dr. Parthiban strayed into a troubled adolescence, joining a street gang during secondary school. However, a pivotal moment in Form Three, where his teachers dismissed him as incapable even of being a nut snack seller, triggered a transformative decision. Recalling Low Ser's advice, Dr. Parthiban dedicated himself to academic pursuits, achieving straight As in SRP and SPM exams.

The pursuit of excellence continued as Dr. Parthiban emerged as the top student in STPM, securing a seat for medicine at Universiti Malaya. His journey through medical education and subsequent specialization in neurosurgery illuminated his commitment to self-improvement and service to others.

Throughout his ascent in the medical field, Dr. Parthiban maintained a profound sense of gratitude towards Low Ser. Even after locating her in a nursing home with challenging living conditions, he ensured her transfer to a more suitable retirement home, personally covering the additional costs. At 90 years old, Low Ser continues to be a source of inspiration for Dr. Parthiban, who recognizes that her compassion and belief in him were pivotal in his transformative journey.

Sometimes, the smallest act of kindness can have the biggest impact. Forever grateful for the person who changed my life and showed me the power of love and compassion. - Dr. Parthiban Navoo

Source / Image Credit : The Star