Indeed, a great piece of news for the entire nation!

Meet Dr. Reynu Rajan, the Consultant Upper Gastrointestinal surgeon who made the nation proud by being the first Malaysian Upper Gastrointestinal surgeon to receive an invitation to lecture alongside esteemed doctors from around the globe, she has carved a historic moment in the medical realm at the prestigious Oxford University, UK.

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It certainly not an easy feat. This good news definitely deserves a special shout-out from us!

The proficient medical expert boasts an impressive academic trajectory, commencing with the successful completion of her MBBS degree from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Faculty of Medicine, India. Building on this foundation, she pursued specialized training in Surgery at the esteemed University Kebangsaan Malaysia, demonstrating her dedication to advancing her medical expertise.

To further enhance her skills and knowledge in the field, she pursued international fellowships, adding valuable dimensions to her professional acumen. These diverse educational experiences underscore her commitment to continuous growth and excellence within the medical domain.

In addition to her dedicated clinical practice, Dr. Reynu has been recognized as a trailblazer in the field of surgery. She made history by becoming the first surgeon from Malaysia to sit as an esteemed panel member in an IFSO Webinar discussion, focusing on ethical dilemmas encountered when managing intricate bariatric cases.

Furthermore, Dr. Reynu is a highly sought-after speaker and faculty member at surgical conferences, illustrating her influence and reputation in the medical community. Her ground-breaking achievement as the first Malaysian Surgeon to conduct Single Incision Bariatric Surgery underscores her commitment to advancing surgical techniques, particularly favouring minimally invasive approaches and therapeutic endoscopy.

Dr. Reynu's unwavering commitment to scientific research, exemplified by her active involvement in international collaborations and extensive publication record, which has earned her esteemed accolades. Thank you for being an inspiration, Dr. REYNU!

Source / Image Credit: Icloudhospital , Dr Reynu's Insta Page