Making a difference in the world of molecular virology, one step at a time!

Yes, as the statement denotes - Dr. Vinod Balasubramaniam, a molecular virologist from the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences at Monash University Malaysia, has been awarded the esteemed UniteHealth 2023 COVID-19 Influencers Social Media Award. This recognition is part of UniteHealth's campaign to honor individuals worldwide who have effectively utilized social media to provide clarity on the COVID-19 pandemic and advance global health.

Dr. Vinod emerged as the distinguished winner in the "Understanding the Virus" category out of more than 300 nominees, making him the sole recipient from Malaysia to receive this prestigious honour.

The hero who we would like to be called as, was nominated for the award in acknowledgment of his invaluable contributions to public education, particularly in the areas of vaccine advocacy, comprehensive understanding of the virus, and other critical aspects related to the pandemic. His work has involved disseminating accurate information, dispelling myths, sharing personal experiences, and raising awareness about COVID-19.

Having said that, the selection of winners in each award category was based on a meticulous evaluation process that took into account various factors, including the number of votes received by each nominee, their statements emphasizing the value of social media during the pandemic, and their use of social channels to disseminate vital information.

Upon receiving the award, Dr. Vinod expressed his deep gratitude and a sense of honor. He emphasized his passion for using social media platforms to educate and empower the public, considering this award as a testament to the collective impact of efforts in combating the infodemic. Dr. Vinod also acknowledged the global community that has supported him and remains committed to leveraging social media for the betterment of public health. He highlighted the importance of collective action in navigating through challenging times and emerging stronger.

There’s no denying that Dr Vinod’s unwavering commitment to combatting COVID-19 has been truly remarkable. Through his extensive work and expertise, he has successfully raised awareness, disseminated crucial information, and provided guidance to the public. His efforts have empowered individuals with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions and protect themselves and their communities.

Congratulations Dr Vinod!

Source: Monash