Guess who's making her big-screen debut in Kollywood?

Our amazing Malaysian actress, Hamsni Perumal has succesfully make her mark in the enchanting realm of Kollywood!

That sounds ah-mazing and we just couldn’t hold our excitement nor be proud of our homegrown artist achievements. Our homegrown artist, Hamsni, has taken a huge leap forward and signed on for the movie 'Lockdown Nights', directed by the renowned director SS Stanley.

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Indeed, we are way too curious to know what drives Hamsni's mind-blowing venture to new heights and Astro Ulagam engages in a friendly chit-chat with her, unraveling the passion and determination behind her inspiring journey.

The curtains have been raised and the excitement is palpable when the moment - the first glimpse of the 'Lockdown Night' movie poster was unveiled by the multi-talented Vijay Anthony.

Born and bred in Penang, the actress has gone on to captivate audiences with her memorable performances in Malaysian movies such as 'Poochandi', 'Thalli Pogathey' to her roles in Astro and RTM series, Hamsni's unwavering commitment and versatility have earned her widespread recognition and praise.

Asking about when and how did all magic happen in her life:

Right after the release of ‘Poochandi’ in Malaysia, it was the talk of the town as it made headlines on international platforms. It wasn't long before the movie made its way to India, and that is when the actress' dreams came true. Director SS Stanley and Producer Mr. Sabarish saw her potential and approached her personally for the leading role in the movie.

From singing and hosting shows to becoming a celebrated actor, Hamsni Perumal's journey to fame is nothing short of inspiring.

“Stepping into the Kollywood industry for the first time and of course, it’s a lifetime experience that I will surely be thankful for as acting along with prominent actors on screen is not a small feat,” says Hamsni.

Speaking about the ‘Lockdown Nights,’ Hamsni has stated that the entire shooting process took place in Malaysia and it has been also wrapped up. In terms of challenges and also the difference that she endured during the shooting were:

"Receiving her scripts two days before the shoot whereas in Malaysia most of the actresses or actors will receive the script right after the story is narrated. But, what is life without a bed of roses right?"

Hamsni took it as a challenge and carried out her role very well as per what the director wanted. Despite her commitment to upcoming films and projects, the down-to-earth young lass has mentioned a special thanks to a few figures such as JK Wicky, S. Keshvan, and Ravindass who introduced her to this industry.

“What is your current dream, Hamsni?”

“Indeed a tough question…Profession wise by being a teacher, I would like to have my centre and give FREE education to all. And in terms of passion - I would like to learn and play more roles that fit me as it will eventually lead me to greater heights. Running a production house one day is one of my dreams and keeping my finger crossed to assemble all this smoothly."

Touted to be a ‘Family Suspense Drama’ film, Hamsni Perumal shares the screen with the accomplished Kollywood actor Vetri, whose talent has graced several noteworthy movies. Together, they become the face of 'Lockdown Nights' a film that promises to transcend borders and languages with its captivating narrative.

A round of applause for Hamsni on her remarkable Kollywood debut! From watching your early stage performances, it's clear that this success was meant for you. Astro Ulagam extends its heartfelt wishes for your upcoming ventures, and encourages you to continue captivating your beloved audience with your unparalleled acting prowess.