It has been revealed that those traveling to Genting Highlands will soon be subject to toll charges for vehicles heading uphill. The news emerged as viral photos depicted the construction of a structure along the Batang Kali-Gohtong Jaya road, leading to speculation about the emergence of a potential toll plaza.

According to a spokesperson from Lingkaran Cekap Sdn Bhd, this firm will oversee the operations of the upcoming toll. Importantly, drivers will be charged solely when ascending to Genting Highlands and not during their descent. However, the spokesperson refrained from confirming the exact commencement date and the specific toll charges, thus maintaining a degree of uncertainty.

Moreover, the spokesperson emphasized that Genting Malaysia Bhd had originally constructed the highland roads in the mid-1960s and had since been responsible for their maintenance. Lingkaran Cekap assumes responsibility for various aspects of roadworks, including slope maintenance, landslide prevention, debris clearance, vegetation control, sewage and streetlight upkeep, and road maintenance.

Regarding widespread rumours suggesting the toll's initiation in June 2024 with fixed charges ranging from RM2.50 to RM3, the spokesperson clarified that further discussions are necessary before an official announcement can be made. The impending charges will be calculated in consideration of the essential road maintenance requirements and their associated costs.

Source / Image Credit : FMT , Astro Awani, Genting Cable Car Tickets