Sunday – Lord Surya

Sundays are devoted to the Sun God, Surya. Practising Hindus fast on this day by having only one meal. Some even avoid oil and salt. The color of red is associated for this day while the altars will be decked with red flowers as offerings to Surya.

Monday – Lord Shiva

It is believed that the best day to please Lord Shiva is on Mondays. All the more reasons to use the phrase Monday blues. Puns aside, devout worshippers of Shiva fast and only eat once a day. They also visit temples dedicated to the deity. Many also chant mantras dedicated to the deity on this day. Single women usually pray on this day in hopes to meet their loved ones in this life.

Tuesday – Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman, the incarnation of Lord Shiva is worshipped on auspicious Tuesdays. Items that are red in colour, like cloth, flowers and also laddus, are placed on the altar as offerings to Hanuman, while eating salt is also not encouraged on this day.

Wednesday – Lord Ganesha

Just like Hanuman, red coloured offerings are placed at the temple's altar for Lord Ganesha. It is said that if one has many obstacles to overcome, fasting and praying to Lord Ganesha might prove helpful.

Thursday – Lord Vishnu

Vishnu devotees use this day to contemplate on their lord and his many reincarnations. Prayers and offerings consist of milk and ghee and other yellow food and flowers. On this day, the Srimad Bhagavata Purana is read.

Friday – Goddess Durga

Fridays are dedicated to the nine avatars of Durga. Especially if peace and prosperity is sought, then Fridays should be the best day for you to offer your prayers to her.

Saturday – Lord Shani

Black is the colour of the day and it is focused on removing negative effects believed to be caused by Lord Shani. Many who undertake vows on this day base it on Hindu astrology.

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Article Source: Bold Sky