The Education Ministry has pledged appropriate action against those responsible for a Year 5 pupil who suffered a heat stroke after being forced by a teacher to stand in the sun. Education Minister Fadhlina Sidek stated that the ministry does not tolerate any misconduct that could endanger the well-being and safety of the school community.

"This matter is under our close watch and is currently being investigated by the authorities," Minister Fadhlina said.

"Appropriate action will be taken based on the investigation report. The Education Ministry does not compromise on any misconduct that affects the well-being and safety of students, teachers, and the entire school community. Schools are therefore advised to always adhere to current student management guidelines."

On Wednesday, the boy's mother, A.D. Mogahana Selvi, revealed that Ampang Hospital had provided the family with a reference letter for her son to be assessed as a person with disabilities (PwD) due to the health issues resulting from the heat stroke. It is understood that the 11-year-old now suffers from a nerve condition caused by standing in the sun for three hours. Mogahana also mentioned that her son's behavior has changed significantly; he hides frequently and talks to himself. The family plans to file a civil suit.

The incident, which occurred from 10 a.m. to 12:50 p.m., required the boy to be rushed to the hospital. Ampang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Azam Ismail reported that the police have completed their investigation and submitted the investigation papers to the deputy public prosecutor's office for further action.

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Source / Image Credit : Bernama