Congratulations to Dhivya Janani who was this week honoured as the best student, or ‘Pelajar Cemerlang STPM 2018’, by the Malaysian Examination Council.

Dhivya was listed among the 24 STPM top scorers in Malaysia, as among those who scored 5As. It was the first time in 50 years her school, SMK Dato' Mahmud Paduka Raja (1), Tanah Merah, has received such recognition.

Her inspiring journey...

Born and raised in Ladang Kerlah, Kelantan, Dhivya’s life was tough as she went through hardship with her family.

"My dad works as a contractor and my mom is a rubber tapper. My family's struggle became my encouragement."

After getting mediocre results in her previous examinations, she knew she had to prove her naysayers wrong. Despite being discouraged to enroll in STPM by some, Dhivya was determined to become the top scorer in her school. But little did she expect to become the best of the best in the country.

In this modern age, it's difficult to meet people who are not influenced by social media. But Dhivya is an exception. She has never owned any social media accounts, be it Facebook, Instagram or any other platforms. It kept her focused on her goal.

"When other kids were enjoying their holiday, I'd follow my mom to tap rubber. I want to become an accountant and take care of my parents. They need to live an easy life which they've never experienced before."

Dhivya also didn't believe in taking extra tuition classes. She understood her family's situation well and spent hours studying every day, believing that getting a good result will change her future. Her dream has come true at last. Watch Dhivya's full interview here:


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