Educator Shamini Vinoothan has created yet another record in solving jigsaw puzzles.

The 31-year-old recently secured a name for the second time in the Malaysia Book of Records under the category "Most number of pieces in a jigsaw puzzle completed by an individual", by putting together a whopping 51,300 pieces!

Shamini created the record on Feb 5, 2022, at the Taylor's International School in Kuala Lumpur, where she teaches.

It is worth noting that Shamini first entered the Malaysia Book of Records last year, after completing an 18,000 piece puzzle all by herself.

She performed the impressive feat within nine months of purchasing the four-part puzzle.

If her puzzle-solving skills are not impressive enough, even more amazing is the fact that she managed the two record-creating feats while juggling her roles as a teacher, a wife, and a mother to a young child.

Congratulations Shamini on your record streak. Best wishes for solving more puzzles and creating more records in the future!

Source & Photo source: Facebook