Solar eclipse, also known as Surya grahanam, occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, and fully or partially blocks the Sun.

The upcoming solar eclipse for this year is occurring on 26th December 2019 from 11.21am to 3.10pm (Malaysian time).

According to Hindu scriptures, the eclipse has many influences on human life. These are the possible effects of the solar eclipse on the raasis:


This solar eclipse will put Mesham natives in a difficult position. The mind will lose peace and be anxious over certain issues. Avoid unnecessary arguments with relatives, focus on your health and pay enough attention to your job.


This solar eclipse will cause distressing situations, which might deteriorate your health. Avoid unnecessary fights and arguments with your friends and relatives over small matters. Follow a healthy diet if you're already suffering from any illness.


This solar eclipse might cause problems in your marriage life and business ventures. Avoid misunderstandings with your spouse and business partners, and work harder to yield a positive result in your profession.


This eclipse will bring happiness and positive vibes into your life. Your health will improve, and you may win over your enemies. Profession wise, your efforts will pay off. You might soon start paying off your debts and loans.


The effect of solar eclipse might cause anxiety to Simmam natives. Carelessness might cause unfavourable results in your career or business. You might face indigestion and stomachache. Avoid spending money unnecessarily and focus on your health. Put enough thoughts before making any decisions.


The solar eclipse will bring a distressing time. Disputes between family members might cause anxiety. Focus on your health, as chest-related problems might affect your health. Concentrate on the road while driving and avoid unnecessary disputes.


Thulam natives will have a positive impact during the eclipse. Your relationship with loved ones will improve. There will be financial stability and your efforts will end up in positive gains.


This solar eclipse will cause a negative impact on Viruchigam natives. Avoid unnecessary arguments with your acquaintances and business partners, and avoid spending unnecessarily.


Thanasu natives might face a lack of support from spouse and children due to the effects of the solar eclipse. Focus more on your health during this time.


You might not be able to focus much on your work due to the ill effects of the solar eclipse. Focus on your health as you might face eyes or leg related health problems.


The eclipse will bring a beneficial situation to Kumbam natives. There will be financial support from family and friends, and an increase in your income. Your health will improve, and you will develop good bonding with your family members.


The eclipse will cause a good impact on your life. You will get various opportunities and gain success in your profession. Your financial situation will improve tremendously.

If the solar eclipse cause unfavourable effects for your raasi, here's what you can do (parigaram):

Source: Drikpanchang