It is a custom or a common practice to touch the feet of an elderly person especially parents and grandparents on Deepavali. It is a sign of blessings even before going to the temple.

The touching of the feet in Indian culture is to show respect and it is often an integral part of darshan or known as receiving the visions of the divine.

Hereby, Astro Ulagam found the reasons to touch their feet on Deepavali.

The head is considered as the most honorable part on the human body that consists of knowledge, mind, and consciousness. On the contrary, feet are considered least honorable, as they are closest to the ground and associated with dirt elements.

Hence, touching an elder’s feet is a huge sign of respect whereby you’re communicating that, even their most dishonorable part is higher than your most honorable part.

In fact, it shows that you are of bowing down to the experience and wisdom of the other person. It allows you to drop your ego and become more humble in this act.

When you do this, the elderly person usually respond by placing a hand on your head, acknowledging your most honorable part. This blessing is called "ashirvaad" and obtaining this from an elder person is special.

So, don’t forget to obtain this special blessings from parents and elderly people as it bestows you with wisdom on the path of life.


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